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About our Dobermans

At Hadden Hall we are committed to excellence in health, temperament, and structure. Our dogs are European Imports, from top winning show and working lines. Custom importing available.

NEWS FLASH!! Puppies have arrived! 17/08/12

German Shepherds

About our German Shepherds

At Hadden Hall we specialize in highest quality personal and family protection dogs, as well as top quality show and breeding dogs from the world's best German Import bloodlines. German Shepherd Dogs offered with a lifetime guarantee against genetic faults. Custom importing available.


coatAbout us

I guess one could say that I have been involved in these two wonderful breeds my whole life. Before I was born, my mother bred Dobermans and my father bred German Shepherds. I was very fortunate to have both in my life growing up, and I can not imagine my life now without either of these wonderful breeds. Although the two breeds differ significantly, they both have amazing attributes and I am pleased to be able to bring these wonderful animals into the lives of my children, and so the tradition continues.